Banana Bread

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There is certain is nothing that says home like the odor of fresh-baked bread. Except for, maybe, once the baker takes it up a notch and the bread in the oven is banana bread.

Though it is bread, this enjoyable treat is in many ways more like a cake. The leavening agent in banana bread is generally baking soda instead of yeast. What’s more unlike ordinary bread, banana bread is baked from batter and not dough. And evidently, it includes bananas that is normally mashed and put into the batter.

A huge family favorite, this has been around for years! In fact it first came into popularity in the 1930’s, and since then numerous varieties have appeared in movies. Banana bread is relatively easy to create, and therefore popular among home bakers. In addition it can frequently be found in the display cases of bakeries and coffee shops.

It is not only tasty but also versatile. Usually a great on-the-go breakfast thing, either at home or grabbed at the coffee shop where the busy professional stops for their daily dose of coffee. Also it can be packaged in a lunchbox that makes it a great ending to the day meal, but is just as likely to be a warm after-school snack waiting when children hop off the bus. What is more it can also function as a last-minute dessert choice when guests turn up unexpectedly and you find yourself whipping up a quick meal. If whipped together before dinner and popped into the oven it creates a wonderful accompaniment to a relaxing cup of tea while watching evening television.

This homey treat is so versatile as it’s sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. There’s an adequate amount of a dessert-like texture and flavor in order for it to serve as a sweet meal-ender.

It’s generally baked in loaf-shaped pans and can be cut into thin pieces or bigger wedges for serving. There are loads of variations on banana bread out there. Of which, some banana bread recipes have been passed down by a number of families from generation to generation, and each will declare theirs the best.

In fact there are many other kinds of fruit or even vegetable-based breads. Like cranberry bread, cranberry banana bread, and zucchini bread are among a few examples. While these are also often-enjoyed snacks, banana bread still seems to take the front concerning popularity.

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