Wildlife Police

The wildlife conservation movement unofficially started in Ocala Animal Removal at the turn of the twentieth century. In about the year 1900, the several states and Canadian provinces began to pass laws designed to protect different species of wildlife within their jurisdictions. This resulted from the fact that many species of wildlife were almost extinct primarily due to the unrestricted overshooting of various species that occurred during the settlement of the western United States. Moreover, the habitats of various species had been severely altered and destroyed due to the settlement of the land.
At about this time, the two governments not only passed protective legislation on various species but they also took the necessary step of hiring the first wildlife police officers (or game wardens in the event you will) to enforce these laws.
Due to the rigorous enforcement of our wildlife legislation, the Whitetail Deer, The Elk, The Pronghorn Antelope and the Bighorn Sheep to name a few have been not only saved from extinction, today they are abundant. Without proper law enforcement in the past 100 plus years, this would not be the case.
Today there are approximately 8,000 wildlife officers in the United States and Canada. They may go by different names like game warden, Conservation Officer, Wildlife officer and so on but essentially, their responsibilities are the same. To protect the wildlife of the jurisdiction by sound law enforcement.
In addition to wildlife protection, most of these enforcement people have had other duties added to their list of duties like enforcing the boating laws of their state or state, enforcing the national or state park regulations of their area and also assisting other police officers in more traditional law enforcement. Additionally, today, wildlife officials are greatly involved with homeland security work and are called upon on a daily basis to perform their difficult and dangerous activities.
Many citizens don’t think of the game warden as a police officer but the truth is that that is precisely what he/she is. Wildlife officers in the various states are trained in their state or provincial law enforcement training center. They encounter all of the very same issues and risks that a conventional police officer does and the laws that they enforce are incredibly important because they insure the survival of species and provide for public protection.
In summary, the wildlife officer in both the United States and Canada are highly trained police officers of the outdoors. They perform duties that protect the environment and the species that share this world with all the human race.

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